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Slow Jams 4 Kids – Help R Dub Bring Clean Water to this Village


I will never be able to put into words the feeling, of after flying 10,000 miles, and then driving for eight hours until the roads ended and turned to dirt, THEN driving another hour, to finally reach THIS…

An ENTIRE VILLAGE–hundreds of people, from babies to elders–all waiting for us, with signs, banners, music, smiles, and most importantly LOVE. There are no words.

I explained to the village that the well was not my doing, but a gift from YOU. They wanted me to tell you how thankful they are and that they love you!

Here is the FULL video:

But we’re not done yet! There are so many more villages without clean drinking water, and I’m out to make sure that we knock ’em down, one at a time, every year.

Next January’s project info is below, and it’s not to early to kickstart the campaign, if you’re interested in being a part of something so life changing…so life saving.


I figured my first trip to Africa might be fun and allow me to stick some new pins on the map…but my visit last month changed my life in ways that are hard to explain.

Never in my life have I felt so much unconditional love–from total strangers–than while walking through the villages of Africa. And every night as I settled in to my five-star hotel and checked my messages on my $800 iPhone, it just felt so wrong that the people I’d spent time with, just hours ago, were without a clean water source–one of the most basic necessities to live! But knowing I, along with my friends and listeners could change this, gave me hope.

If you’ve ever enjoyed my radio show, or attended one of my concerts, or won tickets from me on the radio…or if you’re a friend or colleague, or if we’ve ever done business together…whatever the case may be, I’m calling in a favor. I don’t care if it’s a buck, or $100; your contribution will mean so much to me, and will assure that the good folks of the Aminit Border Village have a clean water source.

Please watch the video and check out the facts on the village and my campaign below.

And thanks in advance,



R Dub!
Sunday Night Slow Jams


About this campaign…

This is what they have to drink now!

AMINIT BORDER VILLAGE is located in northeastern Uganda, Bukedea District, in the sub-county of Bukedea. The inhabitants of this village are known as the Iteso people, who speak the Ateso language.  It is believed that they migrated from Djibouti through Ethiopia to Sudan.  It is here they divided into groups then traversed in different directions across East Africa.  Traditionally they are known to be pastoralist who migrated in search of green pastures for their livestock. 

The original water source that serves this community is a contaminated open pond located 3km from the village known as Rose’s Open Pond.  Nearly 20 years ago, Rose, now mother of eight children, set out to dig her family a pit latrine.  Due to down warping she changed the site and left this pit as a water source.  The only water those of Aminit village and the surrounding communities are able to access is the contaminated water from Rose’s Open Pond. Please click here for original water source pictures.

During the rainy season, debris and contaminates are washed into the pond.  Urine and fecal matter are mixed into this water, as animals share this same water source.  As you can imagine, the water these people must use to survive is unsuitable for any human to consume. 

As the water is depleted during the dry season, the people must journey even farther for their families’ water needs.  The dangers they must endure, living without access to safe and clean water, are numerous.  Up until now, there have been no other options but to continue to draw water from these dangerous and contaminated water sources.  Thankfully, through your commitment and love, life-saving water is coming to their village. 

Through your gift, hope is being restored as dignity, health, joy and love flow out of your generosity and into the life of every man, woman and child living in Aminit border village.  In addition, the well will be open to the surrounding villages of Okumu, Ajelel and Kibira.  Thanks to you, they too will reap the many benefits of safe and clean water.



1.The source is located 4km away. The villagers have to trek for all this distance looking for unsafe water.

2. During dry spells, the water dries-up.

3. Rampant fights and abuses at the current source when the amount of water reduces.

4. Regular sharing of the same source with animals.

5. It’s a habitat for mosquitoes.

6. Due to the turbidity of water, the waterborne diseases like Typhoid and Cholera have been registered.


1.The neighboring villages of Okichira, Akuoro, Abilaip and Malera.

Through faith and his grace, May he see you through as you think of saving Aminit Border village.


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