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  1. ErinBeth says:

    Can you give a message to Tinto Landeros from Beth Collins here in Winters TX that I Love him with all my heart and no matter what I am here for him forever.

  2. Hello R Dub hope you are well I would very much like to tell my husband Dutch in wasco state prison how much love him whatever storm comes are way I’m here to stay and I can’t wait for the day he comes home till that day every moment every minute I keep him in my heart love your wife Laura

  3. Hello R Dub hope your doing well tonight I just want to make my nighty request to my husband Dutch I want him to know even through the storm I’m here missing you and loving you more with each new day I love love you more daddy the song I request is miguel-a sure thing sending my love to wasco state prison all the way from reno nevada loving you your princess Laura

  4. Hello again R Dub hope ur doing well I’m really hoping to get this request out to my hubby Dutch I just want to let him how much he has touched my life his love has filled my heart with such love and to be with him is a answer to all my prayers and I’m not going anywhere I love you Daddy with all my heart honey you ate my true shinning star love your wife Laura

  5. I almost forgot the song it’s by anqunette I will always be there

  6. First let me say hello and I hope ur going well R Dub I would very much like to tell my husband Paul also know as Dutch how much I love him and just how much.his love means to me and I can’t wait till he comes home every minute every hour he stays on my mind and I miss him deeply love always your wife Laura

  7. Hi R Dub, I’m Ria From Dade County And Like To Request Kc & JoJo All My Life to my handsome boyfriend/future husband Corleone and would like to tell him that he’s the love of my life i love him to death and wouldn’t trade him for nothing in the world!

  8. Barbara says:

    i want to dedicate this song to my Man and his Celly
    Dont let no one get you down By War
    from Barbara here in Fontana

  9. teresaa21 says:

    Hi R Dub , I just submitted my song “love ” by keyshia cole and I really hope me , and especially my baby get to here it

  10. Christy says:

    I would like to dedicate Got Your Back from T.I ft Keri Hilsonโ€ฆ to my love Elias Lopez lll over at the Dalhart unit jail โ€ฆ Just wanted to say I Love You and MISS YOU so very much and cant wait for you to come home so far our love for each other just gets stronger as the days go byโ€ฆโ€ฆnothing or anybody can tear us apart!!

    your wife Christy

  11. LilRedNikki says:

    I would like to request a love song for the man i love with all my heart. any song will do really. we were best friends and it became more. his name is weylin and i want to say i love you and i always will no matter what. you’re the best thing that ever happened to me and i’m forever greatful. i love you hun.

  12. lalderete says:

    I would like to dedicate a song to my husband it’s been a year since I have held him and a newly wed to him our anniversary is april 25…I miss him dearly….when he hears this he knows it will be me! (hugs)
    You pick the song…thank you…

  13. mia.chris says:


  14. I won’t to dedicate forever by nb riders to my boyfriend Louis Polidore and tell him that I love him so much and that he means everything to me im glad that he’s apart of my life I love u daddy always love your one and only love ROSIE

  15. To the love of my life “Can’t be Friends” Trey Songs…it’s not true can’t picture my life with out u my Oppie I love u my Turkey!Lol I kno u hated that name for u but I don’t care love! I love u mamas I pray to God that u c this I don’t care that people c this if I was able to I’d do a Oral Expression but I never make it through

  16. Dzyshnybny says:

    I would like to dedicate shorty like mine by bow wow… to my Fiancee’ Anthony Gutierrez a.k.a. Dizzy over at the county jail … Just wanted to say I Love You so very much Babe we have been thru so much together so far our love for each other just gets stronger as the days go by……nothing or anybody can tear us apart!!!!

    Love You Always,

    Your Wife Isabel Trujillo….

  17. I would love to dedicate A Song to my one & only. I love you baby alway & past forever amor 6-29-12 To. : Neriyah Coleman (Trey Songz-Simply Amazing)

  18. Christina16Pelon says:

    I want to dedicate “Always and Forever” to my hubby Luis Gauna in. Bernallio. Metropolitan. Detnetion center I love and miss you so much me and our daughters are waiting paitenly for you to come home my love

  19. Hi R. Dub, my boy friend listens every Sunday night faithfully and I’ve been trying to dedicate a song along with a message to him and I still haven’t heard it. I even tried leaving an oral expression. It’s been about three Sundays. I know you get a lot of dedications but I just wanted to know if I was doing something wrong or if I should just try to leave another dedication? Thanks!

  20. hey R Dub,im a girl,and i just wanted to request a song that really touched me,and i dont want want to put my name out,but can you do me a favorite if you can,um i”ll love to request a song, and this goes out to this guy that i did something really wrong,and i fell very bad about it,because i know he’ll never speak to me again,n i’ll give you his name,but please dont put dont my name out,and idk if he’s even listening,but i doubt it. Well this is what i wana tell him-“I wana tell you,that im very truely sorry for everything,i know you may hate me soo badly at the moment,i wished that things didnt have to go this way for you,i didnt mean to hurt you in this way,i guess it’s true what people say,”you can’t change for what’s done,and said,but just forgive eachother,im super sorry,i hope that maybe one day GOD will find a way to help both of us to truely forgive eachother”-,im sorry i know its long,but i fell like i wanna confess,so can you do me a favorite and play this song for me please! O yea can you please his nae,his name is CHEWY VANG

  21. lovemusicman says:

    hey Rdub great show man love it all day everyday , you should make the theme song(slow jams) a real song love it everytime i here it

  22. AuRoRa503 says:

    So Mr R Dub how can I get my online oral expression played tonight? Ive been trying every sunday for the last 3 or 4 sundays and me and my love listen every sunday from start to end and still havent heard it =( is there something i can do to help it get played?

  23. JasmineAngel11 says:

    Hey R-Dub!!
    Your the greatest.
    You bring couples together when there apart threw your music.
    Your Truly GREAT!!
    Thx Much LOVE!!

  24. Jesse Martinez says:

    Want to let the love of my life Cathy mosqueda that I love her with all my heart and I’m going to be here for her through the tough times.

  25. Monique Thompson says:

    R. Dub could you please make sure my friend listens to Skye. I want her to remember the good times we shared together. Thank you and God Bless you and your Family at home and at work.

    please see this video from Henry turner
    can you tell me how can i submit a song on this radio?
    thank you so much
    i wait your answer soon

  27. Monique Michelle Thompson says:

    I want to dedicate that song to someone special and to let that person know that i will be a phone call away. God bless you R Dub. keep up the good work.

  28. becky gilkey coleman says:

    beckt gilkey coleman wichita kansas to clark coleman cant wait tell you get home baby i love and see you soon love you..

  29. Ja'Dore Alves says:

    R-Dub u r the best thanks 4 u r hard work n the great song u really be taken me back. Please, if possible get this song request out on the air for my baby. Thanks & God bless!!!!

  30. Monique Thompson says:

    This a great station and I love you rdub for the things that you do to put people together or should i say back together as well. God bless you and your whole family at the station and home.

    Monique Michell Thompson

  31. Tiffany J. Aguilar says:

    Hola R.Dub I would love to dedicate My Song to My Wonderful Husband Juan Diego I miss You So much I’m Waiting For You to come back home to Us My Kid’s Our Little One’s Baby I’m Dreaming Of You Tonight…. :”) XOXO Your Lovely Wife Tiffany!!!

  32. sure thang too anyone as lonely as me lol

  33. Mike Valdezj says:

    Jus wanna thank u for the tremendous work u do for us listene firme rolas by givin us the oppurtunty to listen to some firme rolas n say things to our other halfs that hard for some of us to do face to face muh respect to u keep up the good work

  34. Kristin says:

    R-dub yu r the best ๐Ÿ™‚ I am gonna marry my better half on Thursday can yu please pick out a good song for us ๐Ÿ™‚ thx much love n respect

  35. johanna says:

    Hey R.dub im johanna from portland,OR I would like to dedicate a song to juan aka big-e whos doing sometime in jail..i just.want to tell him I love him with all my heart and im always thinking of him

  36. Ashley lucero says:

    R dub I kno your really busy ive already filled out the forms
    But can you please make sure my babe adrain gets to hear my requests
    Stevie b your the one

  37. To JERRY sweat dreams with warm summer by isley brothers

  38. Yo….
    I want to see if you can play a song for me, i listen to kdon on sunday night slowjams. i was wondering if you can play a song but when the song is about to start say that a person is dedicating this song to another person. can you do that? ill tell you the info, it isnt much what i want you to say

  39. i want ti request can you stand the rain to Eloy sanchez -baby i love you to death i am excited to be ur wife always and forever babe i love you you are never alone…

  40. Thanks R-dub had to read the proper way of sending an expression but i got it now ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. My name is Joy from salt lake city, ut i want to request brownstone If you love me to Steve and i want him to know i love him with my whole heart for life no matter what and i hope you see that and make me your wife for life…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. prettymama joy says:

    My oral expression goes out to my love for life big daddy Steve. Love you more with every beat of my heart no matter what….. Your pretmama Joy… Like to hear brownstone if you love me….

  43. Just want to thank you so much R-Dub for making everyones Sunday Night so speacial. You always have the perfect song for just the perfect time. Thanks for making my Sunday Nights the best every week with ur wonderful Slow Jam Music… YOUR THE BOMB!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. please play my request!! thanks R-Dub!!

  45. Hi Dub I would like to dedicate “One Wish” by Ray J to my husband Kharan Williams…..I want to let him know that is my wish….forever……thanks Dub

  46. HuniB23 says:

    r dub im look for a song a female artist sings and part of the verse is i think I’m fallen in love oh ohhhh n i know the ending of the song says my latina love i wanna love shuby du whop could u plz help me wit that song hope it was helpful

  47. that song love faces is dedicated to my babe joseph chajon

  48. Hi I wonder if I will make it On the radio

  49. I wanna dedicate whitney houston ft cece winston count on me to angelo.holding you down, everyminute c-boy

  50. This request goes out to my husband Kharan Williams out at Bastrop Federal…stay strong for me baby, I”m here for you and loving you always and forever…we have ONE HEART, put your hand up baby, mine is already up…….your wife Darilyn Williams :)…..thanks Dub

  51. I would like to remind my hubby Kharan Williams out at Bastrop Federal that it will all be over soon bae……remember, we have one heart…so please continue to remain strong….love always and forever….Darilyn Williams

  52. Want to tell my love beatrice that I love with all my heart in nothing will tear us apart I love u with all …

  53. I want to dedicate the above song to andre. thanx

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