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  1. I hear slow on at line

  2. What station can i listen to from australia? ?

  3. What was the song played after Jon B’s they don’t know? Loved it!!

  4. Sherri says:

    Love your show…you are the best

  5. big things happening here!
    much success

  6. Hali Carlson says:

    Thank you grandma for The ride back to school, I love you so much, and idk what I’d do without you! And a shout out to mother nature for being blessed with this awesome weather:)!

  7. Enjoying the weekend to the grown-up slowjams.

  8. Whitney you have left this world and blessed us with the grace upon your preciouss loved ones feel gods son
    Hugging them

  9. always think of whitney and Katrina AND BOBBY BROWN FAMILY OUR PRAYERS GO OUT TO YOU.

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