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Just fill out the form below to send an Oral Expression to someone special!

So everyone gets a chance, please just send one per day.  Multiple Oral Expressions from the same person will be automatically deleted by our system.

You can always call us too, anytime!  1-877-209-0631.

For extra tips on getting your Oral Expression on the air, please go HERE.





  1. jessicabeasley says:

    Hi R Dub! I jus wanted to thank u for letting my husband hear my oral expression we both truly appreciate it a lot , have a great rest of day and stay blessed!!

  2. MrsDoyle says:

    This is Tabitha from Omaha, NE. My husband PJ n I listen to you every Sunday night. We love your show! !! I would like to let my King know that there isn’t anything we can’t overcome! I love you!!Forever Your Queen ❤

  3. Hi R Dub! Can you please send out my oral expression to my boyfriend. I listen to slow jams every Sunday night and still haven’t heard my oral expression. I would really appreciate if you can let my boyfriend know how I feel it would mean a lot to us. Thank you

  4. nicholas36 says:

    hi my name is nicholas i just want to make a oral expression to my fianca nasha i just want to say that i love you and i be happy when we get married and i love very much and huggs and kisses to you i love you

    • nicholas36 says:

      hi my name is nicholas and iam from indianapolis in and i just want to say to my fiance nasha that i love yoy and i will be happy when we get married i love huggs and kisses to you and you make me happy for that

    • nicholas36 says:

      hi my name is nicholas from indanapolis in and i want to make a oral expression to my fiance nasha hoodges and i just want to say that i love you and iam so glad that god bless you to be in my life and i am so happy that you are in my life and i cant wait to married you because you are my heart and my soul and you are my world and you complete me next to god so i ove you and huggs and kisses

  5. missbrooks143 says:

    Just want to make an oral expression to my poohbutt from dd. Love you poohbutt always and forever

  6. bree.nicole says:

    Hi My names Sergio from Anchorage, Alaska and I want to give an oral expression to Bree. Being apart these last few weeks have been the hardest thing I’ve had to do, but I know now more than ever we are meant to be together forever. I can’t wait until these 25 weeks are over over and we can physically be together again. Love you and miss you always.

  7. teresaa21 says:

    Well I have a question , would you by any chance be able to play my oral expression next Sunday ? I’m going to record it tomorrow, but I would greatly appreciate it, my mans off custody a week from now and I want to show I love him with an oral expression and one of the nice slowjams you play before he goes to prison(:
    Thankyou for reading much love to you and the wonderful music you play

  8. DaughterOfTheKing80 says:

    Hi R Dub! I did a oral expression about 10-15 mins ago but when I was done the recording just started playing over again asking if I wanted to do a dedication, oral expression or say sorry. Does that mean it went through??? It didn’t say anything confirming that my recording was received. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong. I did it exactly how you said on the tips page. thanks, Darlene

  9. Jasmine2012 says:

    I really hope my husband hears the oral expression I been positing for him guillermo haros i love you so much hope you hear this soon miss you

  10. pchildsbottomchic13 says:

    I put in a oral expression for Datqunn Sawyer my name is Theresa from Rockford , Il i have put one in for a few days in a row and havent heard it yet my guy is all the way in Tucson, az and listens everynight and hasnt heard it i listen on i heart radio as i am in rockford can you please get this on the air for me thanks R-Dub i also have a song by p- child of cog with crucial conflict wondering how i can send it to you to get it on the air please let me know thanks

  11. Paola R D Contreras says:

    I really hope my love gets too listen to my oral expression this would mean so much to the both of us 🙂

  12. Lol y not the nicknames. I use laugh so much & prison thing common those are your loyal listener’s!!…. anyways How can I get R Dub back on weeknights In PHX???

  13. rachelnoble says:

    R dub ur awesome ur doing an amazing job keep up the good work I know ur working hard if u don’t get to my oral expression don’t worry I’m enjoying listening anyways no biggie can’t wait to see u out here in salt lake

  14. cassienjoshua says:

    My oral expression was played lastnight && I just wanna say thank u once again…. I really appreciate it && I know my love did too!! Were so far apart yet so close thru slow jams!! Thanks R Dub

  15. AuRoRa503 says:

    Hello Mr. R-Dub!! Me and my love listen to Sunday night slow jams every sunday it would be much appreciated if you played my oral expression and or my song request tonight on the show for our anniversary I want to make it as special as possible for him since we have to spend it apart :/

  16. Monique86 says:

    Hey R Dub,
    Been listening to you since I can remember. Finally found the man I want to be with forever so I built up the courage to finally do an oral expression. Hopefully he can hear it tonight much love

  17. I wanted to know how do I get through to actually speak with you like some other listeners do? When I call the number on the site, it’s automated. Also I love listening every Sunday night !!

  18. butterfly818 says:

    So, I’m wondering if my hubby is in Lockhart what station does he hear you on the Sunday Night Slow Jams? As for me I’m in Houston, can I find you on air over here?

  19. Blondie_N_Clyde says:

    Hi R-Dub!! I just wanted to say thank you for being the comfort to me and my hubby nightly while he is away. I downloaded the app on my Droid so I can listen to the beautiful slow jams you play nightly with my baby. Listening, and knowing he’s listening at the same time helps heal the pain in my heart from being apart. You have definitly helped make the time away from each other a little more bearable. I would love if you could play my oral expression to him, it would truly mean the world to me. I know you get thousands of requests, so I will keep my fingers crossed until then and just keep loving my man. Thank you!!

    Amber Lee

  20. Blondie_N_Clyde says:

    Hi R-Dub!! I just wanted to say thank you for being the comfort to me and my hubby nightly while he is away. I downloaded the app on my Droid so I can listen to the beautiful slow jams you play nightly with my baby. Listening, and knowing he’s listening at the same time helps heal the pain in my heart from being apart. You have definitly helped make the time away from each other a little more bearable. I would love if you could play my oral expression to him, it would truly mean the world to me. I know you get thousands of requests, so I will keep my fingers crossed until then and just keep loving my man. Thank you!!

    Amber Lee

  21. R-Dub Your awesome and i really hope you say my oral expression I really need it to get my girl back, Great job keep it up man!

  22. madsyyn says:

    Today is my husband and my anniversary, I left and oral expression:) I really hope you are able to play in tonight….. I understand you get thousands a week. So I totally understand if you cant get to it. I just wanted to say thank you so much for being our voice for us. You give a little piece of home to some many men and women. You are truly a blessing, May God Bless you in ALL you do <3
    Sincerely, Amanda Sloan

  23. Hi R Dub!

    I just wanted to say I enjoy slow jams on Sunday nights. I live in Wisconsin, do you have radio stations here? I listen to B93 on my IPod for your slow jams. I have sent oral expressions and requests. I don’t know if they were played.

    You rock!

  24. gina209 says:

    Hi R Dub I sent my oral expression. Hopefully it gets played. I know my boyfriend listening he had a rough day and I just wanted to brighten up his day a little. Fingers crossed that it gets played. If not there’s always next week. By the way keep up the good work much love

  25. Yesenia Marquez says:

    Hi R Dub, I know you get so many people trying to get their oral expressions played, so i wanted to know if it’s cool if i can send my oral expression online even if I already did one over the phone tonight? Thanx!

  26. sexymexi07 says:

    This is the first time I have done an oral expression and I did it online. I would appreciate it if you could put mine on the air next week the 10th! If not I understand you get a lot of them! Thanks so much R Dub!

  27. Yesenia Marquez says:

    Hi R Dub! I am new to this page. I just found out about it, but I listen to you every Sunday. You are great, hopefully you can play my oral expressions soon. It’s the only way my husband can hear my voice :(. Thanx!!




  30. Monique Thompson says:

    Thanks for everything R Dub. You are a true Gentleman. God BLess

  31. Monique Thompson says:

    R Dub, Thank you so much for playing my songs and giving her the message. You are a great person and May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Monique Michelle Thompson

  32. Such a big fan R Dub!!! Been listening to you for a while. When I moved from Peoria, Illinois I was afraid of not listening to you anymore, but I found you and I enjoy listening to you.
    Love You!

  33. Hi R-Dub, this is Darilyn from Atlanta…I want to take the time to thank you so much for all of the dedications that have reached my husband. He is so happy and the people around him have been bragging about how much he is loved, because they all listen in to your show EVERY Sunday night. Thank you for all that you do Dub you really are the best and I”m all smiles when it comes to the R-DUB SHOW………………………….THANKS A BUNCH, Sincerely Darilyn and Kharan Williams

  34. I wat to send this song to my boo tim harper and I always miss you and care about you and love you no matter wat…R. Kelly – If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time

  35. Ja'Dore Alves says:

    R-dub the oral expression is so helpful to me and my husband we really appreciate u and that u can get out peoples deep felt expressions. Please if u can get my expression out to my baby it would help alot. Thanks!!!

  36. Ja'Dore Alves says:

    R-Dub if you can please get my oral expression on the air to my husband Antonio Alves. He’s in prison and he listen’s to your show faithfully. So do I. I’ve been listening to you since 2006 when you were on 93.3 in Austin, Texas. Thanks!!!

  37. please send my message out ASAP, my dad is incarcerated and he listens to sunday night slow jams every night and could really use the cheering up. Thanks a bunch.

  38. Andrea Leal says:

    Thank you rdub for letting me let my husband know that im thinking about him and loving him when we can’t be together right now! We are loyal listeners and Sunday is are night to sit down turn on slow jams and write each other! Showing you so much love Rdub! Keep doing what you do!!!!

  39. Jenifer Velazquez says:

    Hey r dun i only hear one night a week and i always send out oral expressino to my loved one but he never gets to hear them i begg you to please out my oral expression on this sunday. pleas ei konw you have other people too waiting but im loosing him i’m loosing him quickly and i want him to kno i love him. He is the love of my life. please help me out Find in in your heart to do so , thank you

  40. ~my husband n i appreciate and love all the great old school jams, ur the best and dont ever stop~

  41. This is my first request ever.. I hope my hubby hears it tonight!! TY!!!

  42. Thank for playing our song, it means so much tonight! U Got It Bad, brings tears to our faces cuz every word is so so true… I LOVE YOU ADELA!

  43. beautiiful dana says:

    Thanks r dub I really hope you play my oral expression to my husband and I hope he hears it

  44. Marquisia Nelson says:

    I listen to slow jams every Sunday night. Haven’t missed a Sunday since I was 5

  45. Ruth Marie Jefferson says:

    Till my husband comes home, Sunday Nights are our only way for our hearts to touch at the same moment in time! Thank you for giving Tyrone a way to feel my love while he is on his long hard road home

  46. The first time I heard u was last weekend when I came out to Texas to see my husband, and he told me to listen to your station. Your show is the best, thank u for neing my voice when I can’t b there in person to say goodnight and I love u or just 2 let him know that I am thinking of him.

    Thank u again

  47. Thanks this is a very good way to get a message to my finance We can’t be togther at the moment and I miss him so much 🙂 Thanks again

  48. Elizabeth Gutierrez says:

    Your the best thanks for keeping the old skool memorys alive . no one can put it down like Rdub xoxoxo

  49. This is my first time using this but its for my finance. Angel Zavaleta I love him so much 🙂 We will be together soon baby:)

  50. I am so glad that you follwed your dream you have helped major the last 2 years tremendously thank you rdub

  51. Devlin Caballero says:

    You definately play the best slow jams that i grew up with and the best slow jams around keep them coming homey

  52. I love sunday night slow jams im a devoted listener going on 6 years o fell in love with my boyfriend because we both love your slow jams we would stay up all night talking and listening to your station so rdub thank you I owe for my soulmate

  53. I really appreciate you and hope that my husband can hear this dedication it means a lot to us, we listen to you religiously every Sunday night, great show!!!!

  54. These dedications are so important to my husband. You do a good job.

    • Thanks so much!

      • ilovesocal30 says:

        Hi R Dub. This is Chris. I’m in Orange California. I listen to Hot 92.3 I’m missing my pet cat named Phoebe. Because She recently passed away last Thursday of heart disease and she was 13 years old. We had her since July 2000. She has been a great cat for 13 years. I miss her right now. I hope they listen to the Radio in Heaven wherever they are. Her picture was on the Facebook page 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t stop crying for a few days. I just want you to play Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”. But could you play it around 3:30 AM PDT time please. Tell her I’m miss her tonight and tell her that I’m so sorry she got sick . We miss her a lot. Thanks.


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